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No one should wrestle with the frustration of a faulty heat pump. That’s why the heating and cooling pros at M & S Heating & Air LLC are devoted to locating and fixing any problem with your heat pump promptly and efficiently, maybe even faster than you thought possible! That’s the kind of heat pump repair everyone in La Plata deserves.

We’re legendary throughout the community for consistent workmanship on a wide variety of HVAC systems. Our friendly specialists have seen all the most common problems, including a couple you may not have heard of until now. We’ll apply every trick we have for every job we take, making sure we finish it correctly the first time around. You’ll have more time to worry about more important things.

If you use a heat pump, you can be certain our technicians will keep it in good working shape. However major or simple the job is, we won’t quit until you have everything you need. So if you think there’s something wrong with your heat pump, don’t neglect to contact M & S Heating & Air LLC right away!

While some heating problems are obvious, many others are more difficult to spot. Thankfully, there are simple things you can do in your own time to help manage your heat pump’s health. Your own senses will be highly beneficial, at times the first line of defense for finding problems. Keep your eyes, ears and even nose on alert, so you can quickly catch the difference between a functioning heat pump and one needing maintenance.

If your thermostat isn’t reaching the required temperature, check it and your breaker box for signs of trouble.

Another frequent issue is blocked airflow, usually because your air filter needs changing. Every now and then it’s a more delicate part like the evaporator coil. Changing a filter is quick and easy, but dirty or faulty evaporator coils require professional help.

Sometimes your heat pump won’t run in the first place. This is sometimes an electrical failure. If you discover faulty or damaged wiring, let M & S Heating & Air LLC take it from here! We’ll resolve the issue safely.

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Heat Pump Service in La Plata and Surrounding Areas

Once you’ve decided your heat pump needs professional help, you’ll probably start looking for good heat pump service in La Plata. Were you aware if you pick M & S Heating & Air LLC, you’ll skip the process entirely? We’re the best in the business. Our expert repair staff can handle any and all heat pump services, and we’ll pass the time and money saved back to you.

Keeping your heat pump in the best possible health is helpful since your heat pump labors 24 hours a day throughout the year to both heat and cool your home. This results in a lot of wear and tear over its lifetime. Without routine maintenance, your heat pump might break down or run less efficiently.

Investing in proper maintenance reduces the chance you’ll need to make excessive service calls. It may even boost your heat pump’s energy efficiency and overall health. That’s why our detailed, annual heat pump maintenance plans are so helpful. Ask us for more specifics to understand how these plans keep your heat pump running at its peak.

Of course, if you’re thinking about a replacement instead, we’re proud to offer quality heat pump installation. While it might seem pricey up front, there are lots of benefits to upgrading your heat pump. New technology makes it easier than ever to maintain ideal temperatures in your home. Some systems can be linked to an existing furnace, combining use of natural gas and electricity to save you money. With quieter and more consistent operation, you’ll immediately notice the difference.

If you’re uncertain about what option is ideal for you, ask one of our helpful staff about pricing, models and any desired features you’re hoping for. We’ll work with you until you know you’ve made a well-informed, financially savvy choice.

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