Heat Pump Maintenance in Mechanicsville, Maryland

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Heat pump maintenance in Mechanicsville, Maryland, is essential for keeping your system working effectively throughout the year.

It’s the easiest way to save energy and potentially stop a costly, inconvenient malfunction.

Without a seasonal maintenance appointment, your heat pump can make you responsible for a chunk of change in electricity costs and home comfort. Studies have determined heat pumps that aren’t maintained work much harder.

An especially uncared for outdoor unit can consume 10 to 25 percent more juice than a taken care of unit, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

You’ll see that expressed on your electricity costs each month—and it won’t be cheap.

Maintenance makes your HVAC more stable too. You could have issues lurking just out of sight. An expert maintenance appointment can help handle them before they become a more expensive fix.

You’ll likely steer clear of emergency calls for common problems like freezing over or nonstop work. And that conserves your time and money. Call the heating and cooling professionals at 301-363-4699 to request your appointment today.


How Frequently Should My Heat Pump Be Worked on?

We recommend calling in a specialist at least twice a year—once in the fall and once in the spring. When temperatures first get warmer or colder, it’s the perfect time for heating and cooling service.

Your system works all the time to keep you comfortable. All of that work can cause tension or even a repair call, especially if you don’t do maintenance.

Heat Pump Maintenance Work List

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You already realize tune-ups are important for an efficient, reliable heat pump. But what can you do to prepare for your regular maintenance? Here are a few DIY things to do before your M & S Heating & Air LLC specialist shows up:
  • Check your outside system. Your heat pump needs to be kept free year-round to keep your home pleasant. Make sure there’s no waste on top of or near your unit. You’ll want about two feet open around your equipment in every direction.
  • Clean up your unit. Make sure your exterior equipment is clean. If you see visible dirt, shut it down and gently spray it with a low pressure hose. Remove dust inside your house by cleaning your vents.
  • Routinely change your air filter. Your air filter keeps your air healthy and your heat pump operating as it should. Be sure to buy a new one every few months.

What You Can Anticipate During Heat Pump Maintenance

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When your technician does get there, they’ll have a whole checklist of their own to tackle. Here are a couple of things your M & S Heating & Air LLC expert will do during routine maintenance.

1. Thoroughly check your unit.

Your technician will check a variety of particular components of your unit—such as your ducts, coil, blower, motor and more—for dust.

2. Freshen up your equipment.

If they detect dirt in your equipment, your pro will take care of it. They’ll also clean your coils and condensate pan.

3. Examine refrigerant.

Your professional will take a look at your refrigerant amounts and refill it if necessary.

4. Take a look at moving components.

Your system is built from parts that need to run easily. If your pro locates problems, they’ll grease your equipment’s components.

5. Inspect electrical connections.

Your unit is a complicated electrical appliance. Make sure it’s secure with a visit from a M & S Heating & Air LLC expert.

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When it comes to your home comfort, performance and dependability, heat pump tune-ups are one of the most critical tasks you can have done. The M & S Heating & Air LLC team is here for you when you need service. Call us at 301-363-4699 or request an appointment with us online.

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